Tools of the trade: stylish business gadgets for IT security professionals

Feature by Tom Dunmore

They look good and by golly they do you good. We round up the latest batch of business tools. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff

They look good and by golly they do you good. We round up the latest batch of business tools. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff.

Gadgets Nokia
Nokia E75 £380 SIM-free
Don't be fooled by the svelte E75's fashion-phone looks – this is the latest addition to Nokia's BlackBerry-baiting smartphone range. On the face of things, it's a stylish candybar mobile running the reliable Symbian operating system, with a large screen for satellite navigation and web browsing. But when things start getting serious, the E75 reveals its hidden secret: a full Qwerty keypad that slides out when the phone is held in landscape mode, allowing the eager owner to make the most of the built-in support for Microsoft Exchange email.

Gadgets Panasonic
Panasonic GH1 £tba
The star of this year's PMA photographic shindig was Panasonic's 12MP GH1 digital SLR. It crams a pro-level ‘four-thirds' image sensor into a consumer-friendly, lightweight body and even amateurs can make the most of its quality, with the easy-to-use ‘Intelligent Auto' mode. The killer feature is high-definition video capture, which will record movies direct to the GH1's memory card.

Gadgets Acer
Acer K10 projector £350
Most pocket-sized pico projectors don't yet pack the necessary punch to keep a boardroom enthralled, but step up to the 12cm-square Acer K10 and you have a full-scale presentation system that will disappear into your rucksack. Weighing just half a kilo, the K10 uses a 100 ANSI lumens LED light source to deliver a powerful image of up to 60in. InstantPack technology allows you to unplug the power cord before the K10 has warmed down.

Gadgets Joggler
O2 Joggler £150
Truly great gadgets fulfil a need we never knew we had. Clearly, O2 is hoping its digital photoframe-cum-calendar will create such a niche. The Joggler is a 7in touchscreen device designed to work with O2's calendar service, which allows people to share birthdays and appointments, via text reminders. It will hook up to your WiFi network to download news, stream music or display photos and an update will allow it to play internet radio and send texts. Got to be a USP in there somewhere...

Gadgets Samsung
Samsung NC20 £400
The boundary between cheap netbooks and high-price ultraportables is ever more blurry, thanks to high-style, low-price laptops such as Samsung's slimline NC20. It is the first netbook to be run by VIA's low-powered Nano processor, which delivers speeds of up to 1.8GHz but consumes less, extending battery life up to 6.5 hours. And Samsung hasn't skimped on extras, with a decent 12in screen, webcam, memory card reader and even an anti-bacterial keyboard.

Gadgets Creative
Creative Vado HD £200
As mobile phones become increasingly skilful at capturing video, so standalone camcorders have to up the ante. The Vado HD escalates the photographic arms race by adding HD video recording, but it's still stunningly easy to use, thanks to a built-in USB connector and onboard software to allow swift editing and uploading of video to YouTube. As you'd expect from a camcorder little bigger than an iPod, video quality isn't brilliant, but at this price you won't find anything better for capturing action or filming in low-light conditions.


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