Tools of the trade from the Consumer Electronics Show

Feature by Tom Dunmore

This January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas previewed some tasty 2009 treats. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff

This January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas previewed some tasty 2009 treats. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff

Gadgets Palm

Palm Pre £tba. Due: Summer 2009
Having been toppled by BlackBerry and Apple, the former king of pocket computing is back to reclaim the throne. Palm's touchscreen Pre is the first smartphone that can be called an iPhone-killer. Powered by a processor that allows multiple apps to run simultaneously, the Pre delivers all of the multimedia sizzle of the iPhone – and more. It has a decent 3MP camera, a slide-down Qwerty keypad and the ability to hook up to every social networking platform known to humankind. Long live the King.

Gadgets Netgear

Netgear 3G Mobile Broadband Router £tba. Due: Spring 2009
If you spend your time in hotels, airports and coffee shops, it's easy to think the world is wrapped in WiFi, with an internet connection always there – until the moment, of course, that you really need it. Netgear's 3G router allows you to create a WiFi hotspot on the fly by plugging in a 3G USB dongle – so you can share a single mobile broadband connection between a network of computers, wherever you go. The 3G router brings a new level of interactivity to presentations, meetings or even, thanks to an in-car charger, long journeys. And one-button WPA security means you can always protect your 3G dongle's stingy download limit.

Gadgets Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio P-Series from £850
Given Sony's history of making ultra-desirable, high-end laptops, it's no surprise that its entry into the realm of netbooks looks gorgeous – and comes with a high price tag. But you're paying for more than a name. The A5-sized P-Series laptop is beautifully made and packed with the sort of features the Asus Eee PC could only dream of. It crams 1600x760 pixels onto its 8in ultra-widescreen display, adds satnav and 3G mobile broadband, and tops it off with a whopping 60GB of solid-state storage.

Gadgets Canon

Canon Legria HFS10 £tba. Due: April 2009
Another sad lack of time-travel toys at CES this year – but Canon comes close with its tiny Legria HFS10 camcorder. It captures HD video to memory card before you start recording. When you open the flip-out LCD display, it buffers three seconds of video: hit ‘record' and you step back in time. With face detection, a 10x zoom lens and 8MP stills capture, no excuse to miss anything, ever.

Gadgets Sony Cyber-shot

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 £tbc
What to do when adding more megapixels to a digital camera is no longer enough? Even mobiles offer 8 megapixels these days. If you are Sony, you come up with the world's first camera with a built-in web browser. The WiFi-enabled camera can upload images and videos directly to the web from any hotspot. The slim-line camera also offers a healthy 10 megapixels and 4x optical-zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. Sony's rivals need to play catch-up.


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