Tools of the trade: Android invasion?

Feature by Tom Dunmore

The year of the Android mobile kicks off; other picks include a netbook and a £5k SLR camera. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff

The year of the Android mobile kicks off; other picks include a netbook and a £5k SLR camera. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff

Gadgets T-Mobile

T-Mobile G1 £subject to contract
As you'd expect, the first phone powered by the Google Android operating system works brilliantly with the mobile web. Integrated Google services like Mail, Chat and Maps sit alongside a nippy web browser that makes the most of the G1's superfast HSDPA connection. And while the G1 is no match for the iPhone in the style stakes, it is remarkably functional, thanks, in particular, to the slide-out keyboard. With more Google phones from a variety of manufacturers due, it seems 2009 will be the year we finally see the rise of the Android.

Gadgets Lenovo

Lenovo IdeaPad S10e from £300
If any confirmation were needed that the netbook is the new laptop, here it is: Lenovo, the PC manufacturer formerly known as IBM, has thrown its hat into the mini-notebook ring. The S10e is a 10in portable, available with Windows XP or SUSE Linux preloaded. Like its rivals, it features an Intel Atom processor and the option of solid-state storage instead of a moving hard drive. But the S10e sets itself apart from the crowd with a useful instant-on feature that allows you to access emails and web browser within seconds of switching on.

Gadgets Sanyo

Sanyo HD1010 £400
Sanyo has been producing high-definition camcorders for a couple of years now, and its experience is beginning to tell. The HD1010 captures excellent high-definition footage at up to 1080p (that's the best there is) and stores it all on memory cards. Unlike most rivals, the HD1010 features a microphone input and hotshoe for accessories, but is still small enough to slip into a pocket. It'll even record in slow motion at up to 300 frames per second – or just double as a stills camera and take 4megapixel images.

Gadgets Asus

Asus Eee Top £399
Having revolutionised the world of bargain laptops, Asus is extending its Eee range to cover desktops. Fortunately, the all-in-one Eee Top is more than an iMac wannabe, thanks to a 17in touchscreen and an intuitive interface that dumps Windows in favour of Asus's specially developed version of Linux. The Eee Top is driven by the low-power Intel Atom processor, so don't expect ultra-fast performance. Instead, enjoy a lightweight desktop that can be carried around from room to room and runs almost silently.

Gadgets Nikon

Nikon D3X £5,500
In the days when you can get a free phone with an 8megapixel camera, splashing out five grand on a digital SLR may seem a little excessive. But Nikon's D3X is the pinnacle of photographic excellence. For the money you get a 24.5MP sensor – which means each picture weighs in at a staggering 138MB. You'll also get full-resolution shooting at five frames per second and light-sensing ISO up to an incredible 6400 – so you can take pictures in almost complete darkness without a flash. Perfect for night-time surveillance work...


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