Claims made that the problem with cyber attacks lies with the technology community as 2010 will be the year of execution

News by Dan Raywood

The technology community needs to do more to protect the general public as current offerings are not suitable.

The technology community needs to do more to protect the general public as current offerings are not suitable.

Rodney Joffe, senior vice president and senior technologist of Neustar and a director of the Conficker Working Group, claimed that while the ‘public is doing as much as we expect them to be, the problem lies with the technology community'.

Joffe said: “People have become so hardened and people are aware but the systems are not working, Microsoft is taking tremendous strides and do everything that they can, but in our analysis it appears that the best anti-virus [software] finds less than 40 per cent of infections, and this is a terrible statistic.”

He claimed that 2009 was a training ground for cybercriminals and next year we will see more executions. He said: “This year is a year of learning by a new set of criminals and next year will be a year of executing. I think individuals are screwed, they are 95 per cent protected but the remaining five per cent is zero-day flaws in Adobe and Internet Explorer.

“Most users do not have the luxury of [knowing] that, but next year there is the problems of financial crimes, so banks will be hit, I think UK banks will be better protected than others though as they are more responsive. They really are understanding the issue of ACH and wire fraud.”

He had a positive message for compromised companies and websites though, as he said that ‘nothing changes a company like an incident'. “If you walk into Ealing Council you will find different processes than six months ago”, said Joffe, commenting on claims that he made about Ealing Council being hit by Conficker.

“A company who has been victimised would never let this happen to them again, ACH fraud is a major issue and those losses will be the bane of corporate IT.”


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