Mixed response given to establishment of a code of conduct and clarity of cloud computing with questions asked on benefit for enterprises

News by Dan Raywood

The proposed industry code of conduct from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) will offer benefits for the public but there may be a lack of enthusiasm from enterprises.

The proposed industry code of conduct from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) will offer benefits for the public but there may be a lack of enthusiasm from enterprises.

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Gabriel, director of solutions and marketing at Logicalis claimed that he was not sure what it meant for the public but for the enterprise there will be no enthusiasm for it.

He said: “I don't know what it is and for the public cloud there is some merit but for a code of conduct for enterprises, who is going to use it?

“If you are talking about the enterprise, they have got a code of conduct with the SLA. I do not know of any enterprises that are getting the credit card out and going on to a provider and saying ‘give me some cloud'. Most companies are using MSN, Google apps, Salesforce.com so they use cloud in business.”

He went on to claim that there may be some benefit for the public but the enterprise will ask questions about the provider, security, data centres and service provider.

Gabriel said: “Enterprises will ask to be shown what the regimes are like, what the data centre is like, what service provider are they using – that is a code of conduct. If they cannot offer that then I will not use them. This is a bit like a company mission statement.

“Most enterprises have asked for the last 20 years how IT works, they are now not going to turn around and say just because there is a code of conduct, we will accept it.”

Jericho Forum board member Adrian Seccombe said that he felt it was a good initiative. He said: “New publications coming out now should prove a very useful resource for the CIF Forum. The Cloud Security Alliance published version two of their Cloud Security Guide yesterday.

“As result of the collaboration between CSA and Jericho Forum, I was an active contributor to this document and our Cloud Cube model is now referenced within this document. Early next year we at Jericho Forum will also be publishing our Self Assessment tool which will provide further useful support to this worthwhile development.”

Earlier this week LogLogic CEO Guy Churchward claimed that too much generalisation on terms in cloud computing is confusing users when it comes to public and private cloud services, and until the public cloud can provide visibility all the way down to the IT infrastructures, enterprises simply will not risk it.

Commenting on the proposals for the code of conduct, Churchward said: “I agree completely with the notion of a Cloud Safety certification. There needs to be a way for application providers to have visibility into the inner workings of the real infrastructure underneath the likes of EC2.

“There has to be a provable means of demonstrating security and stability of a cloud infrastructure. A consortium that could provide an industry recognised set of guidelines around this would be truly beneficial to cloud consumers.”


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