IT managers reveal largest problems with server management and possibility of moving to the cloud

News by Dan Raywood

On-site server management and maintenance is the biggest gripe for IT decision makers.

On-site server management and maintenance is the biggest gripe for IT decision makers.

A survey by Rackspace Hosting, following its No More Servers campaign that was dedicated to raising awareness about managed hosting, cloud computing and email hosting, revealed that more than half of the businesses surveyed claimed that they would ‘love to never have to buy another server again.'

The survey revealed that 31 per cent of British IT companies time is spent on server management; while having to be available 24/7 was a gripe for 36 per cent, hardware issues and maintenance counts for 35 per cent and after hours calls and issues accounts for 34 per cent of gripes. 

Fabio Torlini, EMEA marketing director for Rackspace, claimed that the findings could be summarised easily in a couple of lines, as he said: “IT people spend time fixing and managing things rather than working on things that add value and are of strategic importance."

Commenting on one finding from the survey which illustrated that 45 per cent believed that they had bought too many servers, Torlini said: “Companies often buy too many or too few servers. Think about a random website, in the Compare the Market advert with the meerkat they switch on a new server to deal with the traffic, if you don't know how many people are coming to your site you need to prepare for the highest level of traffic.

“You need to plan for the worst, or even best case scenario in terms of traffic, so you build an infrastructure to deal with that and build around the optimum levels. So in terms of capacity planning, it is a difficult task, with cloud computing it is done for you.”


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