ArcSight launches latest version of Logger application

News by Dan Raywood

ArcSight has announced the launch of the latest version of its Logger application.

ArcSight has announced the launch of the latest version of its Logger application.

The company claimed that ArcSight Logger 4 includes software that is designed to enable enterprises to combat the growing threat of cybercrime, and has been designed to fit with the needs of both small and large organisations. It can be deployed as a standalone solution for smaller enterprises or by large companies as a component of the ArcSight security information and event management (SIEM) platform.

Rick Caccia, vice president of product marketing at ArcSight, claimed that the next generation of the application is designed to work with existing fraud products to help it complete an investigation when you think you have a problem.

Caccia said: “We offer with the logger the ability to combine unstructured data and stored security data into a single box. You can investigate a cybercrime incident by identifying spikes, virus signatures, malware signatures etc.

“This works with the correlation tool, it holds 42TB of logs and for an average medium enterprise; this is five years or more of capacity. It has alerting abilities and cyber security rules can detect activity over a certain threshold, you can see everything that has been done as it can drill down into the data.”

Tom Reilly, president and CEO of ArcSight, said: “Cyber attacks are increasingly targeting companies and agencies that provide the structure for our whole way of life—our water, power, communications, consumer goods, banking systems, government services, and healthcare systems, not to mention national defence systems.

“These attacks are quickly morphing and growing in sophistication.  Even security experts don't know exactly what to look for when investigating possible incidents. More and more they are looking for faster, more flexible search capabilities across massive amounts of data. We've designed ArcSight Logger 4 to directly address these requirements.”


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