Businesses encouraged to restrict the sharing of login details

News by Dan Raywood

Companies that allow the sharing of login details are facing a huge security time bomb.

Companies that allow the sharing of login details are facing a huge security time bomb.

Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata, claimed that when users are logged on as the same person on the network there is a huge problem with information being accidentally shared.

Hussain claimed that this is a particularly huge problem in the public sector, as not everyone can work with the other person's information.

Hussain said: “There are strict rules on sharing information such as privacy laws and information policies, we have seen instances of people sharing passwords and using it to login.

“More and more companies are doing this, they want to make sure that data is not shared, and it comes down to the fact that it is a secure network and you need to secure employee access, as that is where threats come from.”

Hussain further claimed that this is not just a business issue, as if you have no control over who is accessing what it could impact on a company's need to be able to comply with regulation or with an internal audit.

“Some education could be done, but some have to recognise that data is electronically stored and some companies offer no adequate safeguards and controls,” said Hussain.

“If you do not have a policy around employee access security, then you have a vulnerability. This is as much of an insider threat as an outsider risk.”


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