The use of old technology could lead to security problems, as most companies are oblivious to online threats

News by Dan Raywood

Claims have been made that companies are using old technology that is not up-to-date with security features.

Claims have been made that companies are using old technology that is not up-to-date with security features.

Reed Henry, senior vice president of marketing at ArcSight, claimed that the use of old technology and applications by companies is leaving them at various levels of risk.

Henry said: “A small to medium business with old technologies does not have security patches installed, so there are a lot of potential vulnerabilities. The only way to protect is to monitor the data, as it is available on the operating system, so the only true protection is to continually monitor.

“The threat level is rising yet people are cutting the budget and waiting for the big one and hoping that it does not happen to them. These guys are smart and know where to look, it is fixed here so they move elsewhere.

“The problem with security is that unless someone forces it people tend not to invest. The CISO is a bi-product of this but cyberwarfare is a serious problem and real.”

He also claimed that there needs to be more focus on what employees are using applications for, and understand what they are looking at with more correlation of log management.

He further claimed that: “No one can look at the information, and this is where automation comes in and our technology tells you where to look. If you don't look at it you are squandering information and then you have no idea when you are being hit. Most companies are oblivious to it.

“The problem is only getting worse, no one knows it is happening and people are not seeing it and there are no sheriffs to catch them. The threat is on the rise, these are real numbers and it is getting worse. So it is snowballing and puts more pressure on as most people do not know so it is a crossed finger strategy.”


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