AVG releases version nine of software to focus on safer experience for users

News by Dan Raywood

AVG has announced the launch of the latest version of its software platform.

AVG has announced the launch of the latest version of its software platform.

Paul Burke, VP product management at AVG, claimed that there were three fundamental principles of AVG 9.0 - faster, safer and easier – which were based on customer feedback.

Burke claimed that the faster factor has seen the total scan time reduced by 50 per cent, with the boot time increased and memory footprint reduced by ten to 15 per cent.

To make it safer, Burke claimed that new rules can be created for the applications, while application whitelisting has been added so the firewall can check and use it to create the firewall rules without the need to ask.

Burke said: “This is all done automatically, the personal firewall will look at the application trying to access the internet and using whitelisting will make a decision for the user and increase the protection level.”

After identity protection was introduced in version 8.5, 9.0 has seen it enhanced to ensure that malware is identified and blocked. Co-operation with LinkScanner in anti-phishing allows it to be plugged into the phishing feeds, using multiple protection layers to help enforce the protection.

Finally to make it easier, Burke claimed that the setup is easier and more straightforward, as the setup and install time has been reduced. Burke said: “We have gone down the path of minimising messages as a lot of people don't know how to take action. There is a strong focus on automation of things without the user requiring specialist knowledge.”

The company claimed that one of the key improvements is the integration between the resident shield, firewall and identity protection modules. This enables the modules to share malware information with each other, increasing AVG's ability to detect and remove most malicious types of malware, rootkits and identity theft threats, for which signatures have not yet been issued.

Burke said: “We know from talking to users that the performance aspect is top of the priority list, followed by ‘keep me safe'. We have focussed on these for this release.”

J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG, said: “We've always believed that everyone has the right to a safe online experience. With AVG 9.0, we are providing first-class assistance to our users in their development of tools and measures for their safety from all of the threats posed by cybercriminals and identity thieves, whether they're working, playing, banking or shopping on the web.”


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