A remote access security policy needs to be understood and integrated if the Digital Britain report is to be taken seriously

News by Dan Raywood

Companies need to move sooner rather than later and understand the implications of the Digital Britain report.

Companies need to move sooner rather than later and understand the implications of the Digital Britain report.

Rob Bamford, principal analyst at Quocirca, claimed that although there is a significant business impact of the report, the blurring of boundaries between consumer and business activity means this needs to be taken seriously.

Bamford initially claimed that there was nothing business-orientated in the report, and that initial responses were that this was very consumer orientated. Bamford said: “There is a big impact as more and more people are working from home, people are informed and are working on-off and accessing corporate resources but how secure are they?

“We are all doing more with technology, instant messaging, voice over IP, social networking tools, these all contain different risks. It is not enough to simply say ‘yes' or ‘bad' as you need to determine the security factor. The management issue is becoming a bigger problem and will only get bigger.

“It is now time for businesses to do more; businesses will have to take action because when everything goes wrong it is not the time to think about control.”

A report by SonicWALL questioned whether UK businesses had the right level of security to cope with the government's Digital Britain strategy, following the publication of a report highlighting the threats of the initiative.

The report found that while most businesses were aware of the need for reliability and security, protection measures were too focused on the primary connection, and not the links to those working from home or in remote locations

Andy Zollo, country manager for the UK at SonicWALL, claimed that he had seen trends with swine flu and companies doing pandemic planning and informed home working beginning.

Zollo said: “Companies are realising the extra efficiency with working from home, if you own your own kit you tend to look after it better. It does go back to the difference between small and large businesses; security needs to be in the DNA.”

Bamford said: “There is a change in the way that people work from home; it is now about higher speed ability and no longer sitting with the laptop on the end of a basic connection. You will now be on an IP connection from the office and managed as part of a team.”

Bamford also claimed that the UK is positioned about halfway down the rankings of equipped nations, and he was not surprised by this, as the UK does not have a joined-up infrastructure.

“The Digital Britain report was brought out to round up where we are and see what is to be done. The problem is that it didn't go far enough, but it is a starting point and that is what we needed,” said Bamford.

Zollo said: “You need to understand from day one what you need to do before the horse has bolted; it needs to raise awareness and discussion to get security on the agenda and needs to be built into the infrastructure.”


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