Kaspersky Lab launches open space management console to target SMB market

News by Dan Raywood

Existing users and new customers of Kaspersky Open Space Security will now benefit from the addition of Version 8.0 of Kaspersky Lab's Management Console.

Existing users and new customers of Kaspersky Open Space Security will now benefit from the addition of Version 8.0 of Kaspersky Lab's Management Console.

The company claimed that the management interface provides deployment and real time dashboards for endpoint security management.

Over 40 functions are new or improved to provide an enhanced level of security that can be used to protect corporate networks of any dimensions – from several PCs to a distributed network with complex management structures.

Kaspersky sales manager Jason Ward said that the company's consumer brand is growing and the next phase is to move into the small-to-medium business (SMB) and enterprise areas with an enhancement of its mainstream product.

The release of Kaspersky open space security enhances the central management console, as well as the heuristics engine and console to be much lighter and offering far better performance.

Ward said: “The analytics are on a more regulated basis, it has the ability to defend itself and the key thing for SMBs is that we found 60 per cent are not using malware protection as it is too difficult. They are not protected properly as their technologies are not up-to-date.”

The new functionality also includes support for simple network management protocol (SNMP), integration with Microsoft NAP, the switching of clients between mobile and normal security policies together with automatic installation packages and group policies (special run-time environment settings) as well as improved tools for secure backup copying and distribution of updates.

“This is the first version of this and the next 12 months will be very interesting and exciting for Kaspersky in open space,” said Ward.

The open space is a business product with the concept around protecting endpoints on the corporare wide area network wherever they are. Kaspersky security systems engineer Owen Beesley claimed that it swaps policies depending on where the user is located and he hoped that this will get away from the culture of people ‘pressing buttons manually'.

Ward said: “It needs to be able to protect more effectively and this is what this is about, we are seeing 5,000 pieces of malware a day with up to 30,000 variants and on a traditional system the amount of time an endpoint is taking to update means it is not up-to-date. For large corporate environments this is a no-no, and this is a significant step towards it.

Beesley further claimed that it has the ability to remove existing and unused anti-virus software and offers a proper view of the network. He said: “This is useful for the SMB market as people do not have auditing software. We deal with organisations and ask them how many endpoints do they have on the network? They simply guess because hardware goes missing.

“Scalability is a key point, realistically there is no limits on this. It is also not just for SMB markets, this is a proper corporate multiple administration tool.”


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