Qualys launches new version of QualysGuard to combine PCI certification

News by Dan Raywood

Qualys has announced the launch of QualysGuard PCI 4.0, which adds network discovery capabilities and introduces PCI Connect features to the platform.

Qualys has announced the launch of QualysGuard PCI 4.0, which adds network discovery capabilities and introduces PCI Connect features to the platform.

The QualysGuard PCI on-demand platform provides businesses, online merchants and acquirers with an automated way to validate PCI DSS compliance. It claimed that 60 per cent of all PCI DSS approved scanning vendors (ASVs) and 49 per cent of qualified security assessors (QSAs) currently utilise QualysGuard to deliver PCI certification and validation to their global clients.

The PCI Connect option is a new addition to the QualysGuard PCI DSS Platform. It streamlines business operations related to PCI compliance and validation for merchants and acquirers, all from a combined collaborative application with automated report sharing and distribution.

Merchants who use PCI Connect can easily identify areas in the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) where they may not be meeting compliance requirements and are then presented with technology solutions that will help them complete their compliance validation.

Philippe Courtot, CEO and chairman of Qualys, said: “QualysGuard PCI 4.0 helps merchants of all sizes better scope their PCI efforts upfront and provides the necessary workflows to connect them with leading PCI DSS solutions in order to complete the SAQ and furnish evidence of compliance. It also provides acquiring banks with a centralised view of the security posture of their merchants and therefore better assessing their risk profile.”

Amer Deeba, chief marketing officer at Qualys, said: “As it is delivered online, partners can deliver their solutions online to help merchants with PCI compliance, and merchant can publish documentation to streamline validation with the acquirers. So it becomes a marketplace where we act in the middle, any solution provider can integrate into the platform.”

“We got customer complaints about scoping, so we did an automatic discovery of assets in the infrastructure that gives visibility into the network to give workflows and the server pushes the process.”

Steven Elefant, chief information officer at Heartland Payment Systems, said: “We take PCI compliance validation very seriously at Heartland which is why we are always looking for best of breed solutions that will help us automate the process and reduce cost and complexity. We chose QualysGuard PCI for continuous PCI scanning and reporting due to its flexible capabilities and accurate results which improve the visibility of the security of our network.”


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