Astaro introduces free firewall for VMware virtual environment users

News by Dan Raywood

Astaro has announced that it will launch a free firewall for organisations running VMware virtual environments.

Astaro has announced that it will launch a free firewall for organisations running VMware virtual environments.

Astaro claimed that VMware meets the protection demands by offering vShield Zones which deliver basic security functions to virtual environments.

However, vShield Zones is only included in the larger VMware vSphere editions, starting with Advanced. Those editions are often oversized, especially in the case of small and medium sized businesses whose demands can be fulfilled by the small editions – at lower costs and more convenience.

Therefore Astaro is introducing the free business firewall for VMware that adds enterprise security functions to all VMware vSphere editions, regardless of their size, that comes with the same functionalities and performance as VMware's vShield Zones.

Astaro chief software architect, Gert Hansen, claimed that this is only usually available if you pay the higher prices, and having seen that SMEs have no solutions it is now offering a stripped down version that is offered for free to everyone.

Hansen said: “We offer this as a virtualised appliance. We see more companies using virtualisation in their environment and companies that did not know that they could virtualise security into their environment as they run multiple servers and VMware also saw some problems, so they solved it with a basic firewall. If they have it up and running they can do email filtering and do all mail scanning for a small fee.”

“We want to ensure these virtual environments are protected from external threats, regardless of the customer's size or resources. We also want to give the business control of the communications between VMware machines. Our Free Business Firewall for VMware will fill the security and communications gap making it easier for customers to secure their virtual environments.”


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