The Pirate Bay ordered offline in Sweden but downtime only lasts for three hours

News by Dan Raywood

The Pirate Bay has been taken offline by Swedish authorities following the recent court defeat.

The Pirate Bay has been taken offline by Swedish authorities following the recent court defeat.

According to TorrentFreak, Swedish authorities have ordered The Pirate Bay to be disconnected from the internet with the site's bandwidth suppliers threatened with a large fine.

Stockholm's district court took action to completely remove The Pirate Bay from the internet by ordering the site's major bandwidth supplier, Black Internet, to disconnect it or face penalties of 500,000 kroner (£43,123). The ISP complied, saying that it had no choice but to uphold the law.

However as Black Internet is not the only supplier of bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, it was relocated and was back online a few hours later.

A Pirate Bay insider told TorrentFreak that they ‘got a new connection to the net' although the tracker is still down and is expected to be fully operational tomorrow morning. A further update found that the temporary host had a problem with its fiber causing the site to go offline again, while the downtime was causing traffic spikes for other torrent sites and trackers.

A comment on The Pirate Bay blog said: “The MAFIAA has spent millions of dollars and endless amounts of time to get this ban in order. Our guess is that they also bribed a bit to get it since it violates so many laws not only in Sweden but also in the EU, not to mention violations against human rights. And what do they have to show for it? Three hours of partial downtime.”

Rick Falkvinge, leader of The Pirate Party, told TorrentFreak: “This is absolutely ridiculous. The court seems to consider themselves above the Constitution. This clarifies how copyright law has become untenable, and how information is lacking political skills in the judiciary.”

The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde commented on the downtime on his Twitter page, advising followers that ‘if TPB doesn't work for you right now it's because your ISP has a sucky DNS. Use OpenDNS instead!' and claiming that ‘The Pirate Bay has issues for some people because of old routes. It will fix itself'.

He later said: “An accident never comes alone - half of Sweden's internet is f****d right now because of tech issues. And tech people are sleeping.”


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