Twitter users infected by Koobface virus

News by Dan Raywood

Micro-blogging site Twitter has been hit by the Koobface virus.

Micro-blogging site Twitter has been hit by the Koobface virus.

The site claimed that the malware was sending fake tweets when the user logs into Twitter due to them being infected.

Sunbelt Software's research office manager Tom Kelchner claimed that it sends a tweet with a link to a home video or a site, and when a user runs the video they are infected. Koobface then sends similar tweets to all of the users friends to infect them.

Trend Micro's advanced threats researcher Ryan Flores said: “This is in contrast with previous Koobface Twitter activity wherein only three TinyURLs pointing to Koobface were used.

“As of writing, there are a couple of hundred Twitter users affected by Koobface in the past few hours, but dozens more are being infected as we speak. We advise Twitter users to prevent from clicking URLs on tweets, specially if the tweet advertises a home video.”

Twitter said: “We are currently suspending all accounts that we detect sending such bogus tweets. If we suspend your account, we will send you an email notifying you of the suspension. This email also includes tips for removing the malware from your PC.”


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