PineApp accuses vendors of hiding extra costs from end-users

News by Dan Raywood

Vendors have been accused of burying hidden costs in their products.

Vendors have been accused of burying hidden costs in their products.


PineApp managing director Rakash Gupta claimed that there is a high degree of dissatisfaction in the industry over the increasing costs of security solutions by some of the premium brands, which is having a knock-on effect on the channel.


Gupta said: “Companies are purchasing new security software/hardware and finding that there are hidden extras that must also be purchased in order to have the robust solution they require such as hardware warranties, extra modules and maintenance fees.  All of which are essential to ensure the effectiveness of the security solution.”


He claimed that in the electrical market, Sony had been the premium brand for many and charged a premium price for this, however from a technology perspective LG and Samsung are just as attractive and they represent the best value for money and have the latest technology.


Dominic Hoskins, business development director at PineApp, claimed that the company had reviewed the models of its competitors and believed that a transparent policy model should exist.


Hoskins said: “We perceive that other vendors don't do it with the same sort of simplicity. This is less to do with the end-user and more to do with the business, and could be down to something as basic as licensing, there are grey areas but we believe in a more basic level of transparency.


“In the current climate, getting value for money has never been so important. While budgets are tightening, the same issues still remain and spam, in its many forms from phishing emails to mail-bombs and Trojans continue to be a burden for organisations of every size.

"There are many options available for resellers in the channel and some are better value that others. What PineApp wants to do is raise awareness of the hidden costs that some vendors add on to their products to help companies access the best value solutions at a price that doesn't break the bank or compromise security.”


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