IT managers are under pressure over Web 2.0 but forced to deal with staff and board demands

News by Dan Raywood

Only 12 per cent of IT managers are aware of the potential dangers posed by Web 2.0.

Only 12 per cent of IT managers are aware of the potential dangers posed by Web 2.0.


The Web2.0@Work global research project by Websense found that although Web 2.0 tools are pervasive in the workplace, many organisations are at risk from security breaches as they are ill equipped to protect themselves from Web 2.0 threats.


Only 12 per cent of IT managers in the UK believe that the top 100 most popular sites hold the most web security threats when in reality, according to research from Websense Security Labs, 70 per cent of the top 100 most popular websites have hosted or directed users to malicious code, phishing, or fraud.


Pat Dunne, senior director of sales for UK and Ireland, said: “Although most companies are moving up to Web 2.0, they are openly admitting that they are doing it and we asked them if they are secure and they are not sure. Our stance is trying to change this; the focus of security is not to say no, but to say yes but securely.”


The survey also highlights that three quarters of IT managers feel pressured to allow more access to Web 2.0 sites. This pressure is coming from all areas of the business including C –level and director level staff. As the Web 2.0 landscape is continuing to evolve and cloud computing becomes an attractive solution for enterprises, IT departments are facing increasing pressure to strike a balance between preventing security risks whilst also allowing staff to access these business enhancing tools in a safe and secure way.


Mark Murtagh, technical director at Websense, said: “Hopefully IT people are working in the department but the general workforce is not IT people but will have grown up with it.


“The challenge now for IT is that exploits are going up and with social networking, Wikis and PDAs there is a huge challenge to businesses where Web 2.0 sits in it all. It is difficult to realise the way things have changed over the past 20 years but it brings challenges.”


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