Tripwire announces launch of the vWire management solution for virtualisation

News by Dan Raywood

Tripwire has announced the launch of the vWire virtualisation management solution.

Tripwire has announced the launch of the vWire virtualisation management solution.


Developed to integrate change and configuration awareness into the virtual infrastructure management, vWire is able to continuously monitor the state of virtual systems and correlate data with critical events to provide context and insight into potential issues. It then acts to prevent and resolve problems that cause downtime.


Ted Gary, senior product manager at Tripwire, claimed that vWire ‘is about monitoring, correlating and acting'. Gary said: “We have talked to virtualisation professionals to understand what the problems were and they said that they wanted monitoring and analysis capabilities. Also if they saw a problem they want to get as much information as possible.”


Tripwire developed vWire along with VMware to provide customers with solutions and tools that offer a holistic view of their virtualised environments while improving operational compliance of these systems.


Matt Hixson, director of vWire business development, claimed that both companies looked at where the gaps are and found that the virtualisation professional does not have a view into the infrastructure. “There are tools for monitoring the infrastructure and were doing it from a virtual perspective,” said Hixson.


The product automatically starts recording once installed, and analyses the status of the entire virtual infrastructure. It comprises three major components. Comprehensive monitoring and data collection monitors all change, configuration and critical event data, providing a database of up-to-the-minute information that can be quickly accessed, searched and filtered. Shared content enables administrators to see aggregated information that is relevant to ensuring the health of their virtual infrastructure. The vWire community online forum provides an opportunity for VI administrators, industry experts and product specialists to share content, expertise and solutions for issues involving the management of virtual systems.


Gary said: “We are seeing people doing virtualisation worldwide and we are seeing a lot of adoption of it. There is such a financial benefit with virtualisation, such as server consolidation and others in relation to cost. If the virtual infrastructure is configured it will do low balancing and we are seeing high adoption.


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