Taking a step back and preparing with policies can see the best utilisation of Web 2.0

News by Dan Raywood

The implementation of Web 2.0 can be positive but with the right controls in place.

The implementation of Web 2.0 can be positive but with the right controls in place.


Mark Toner, technical consultant of iPass, claimed that businesses should look to Web 2.0 implementation when it is the right time for them and with policies in place.


Following research by Websense, which revealed that 86 per cent of IT managers have reported feeling pressured to allow more access to more types of Web 2.0 sites and technologies, Toner claimed that in the technology industry there is a lot of buzzwords and new trends. iPass do hear about people buying into or signing up for these services and not using them correctly.


Toner said: “You need to have controls in there because you need to step back before you step forward, because to have a policy is useful and by having a mobility strategy you can manage this.


“It is easier to manage with a set of rules. If you wanted to use a third party product then the set of rules can govern the use of it, it is not a bad approach but in a controlled and good way.”


He further claimed that organisations may say that pushing things through a tunnel will harm the bandwidth, but they should see the benefit in making sure that the connection is totally secure and the malware products are up-to-date.


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