One fifth of UK workers use an unsecured WiFi network whilst working from home

News by Dan Raywood

More than a quarter of UK workers are now using a mobile device whilst they are in bed.

More than a quarter of UK workers are now using a mobile device whilst they are in bed.


A survey by Credant Technologies of 300 city workers found that of those people who do work in bed, 57 per cent do so for between two and six hours every week. Forty-four per cent admit that they hold important work documents on their mobile devices, of which 54 per cent were not adequately secured with encryption.


Eighty-seven per cent claimed that the most favoured way to connect to the internet, and subsequently back to the office, whilst lying in bed is via a wireless network. Despite this, almost a fifth of people said that they are using a wireless network that they know is unsecured and 56 per cent use this to download or upload company information.


Michael Callahan, vice president of Credant Technologies, said: “When sensitive and valuable data is being held on these devices and they get lost, it can have pretty detrimental and far-reaching consequences to both the worker and their employer.


“With increasing pressures on companies to comply with regulations, such as the Data Protection Act, we all have to respect our customers and employers by protecting the data held on our mobile devices, where ever we may be.”


Credant recommended asking your IT department to encrypt your device if it contains important or sensitive data relating to your employer. It also recommended being aware of all the points of connection and access so you do not risk disclosure and do not leave your mobile device open to access somewhere visible and unsecured.


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