Stonesoft introduces StoneGate Management Centre version 5.0

News by Dan Raywood

Stonesoft has introduced the fifth version of its StoneGate Management Centre firewall.

Stonesoft has introduced the fifth version of its StoneGate Management Centre firewall.


StoneGate Management Centre 5.0 introduces new features and enhancements that support the workflow of managed security service providers. It is designed to streamline administration processes and reduce the time required for regulatory compliance.


Some of the security features provided include a domain concept that allows administrators to separate different customer environments from each other. The administrator can have several domains open in different windows simultaneously, view their status and alerts and make configurations from the same domain.


A new third-party monitoring feature enables administrators to monitor the status and receive logs from third party devices that further enhance the daily administration and enable centralised log storing.


Also, a new web portal offers providers' end customers a read-only access to policies, logs and reports, offering a lightweight GUI access that can be accessed even with a mobile device, without the need for any installations.


Ashish Patel, country manager UK & Ireland for Stonesoft, described it as the ‘most comprehensive compliance product' with an aim to reduce admin time for day-to-day accounts.


Patel said: “People want a good product and they want it to work, and this is what we've tried to give them. We wanted the ability in the management centre to host multiple customer domains; this is useful for large enterprises that want to talk with their customers and SaaS providers.


“With the same customer you would have multiple copies with multiple firewalls; this allows the ability to make changes across the board.”


He also explained that a key part of StoneGate is the messenger function that allows providers in the management centre to talk to other devices in a typical live chat situation without the security risk.”


Klaus Majewski, vice president of marketing at Stonesoft, said: “The global economical crisis has increased the trend of outsourcing critical security services to MSSPs. With StoneGate 5.0, we introduce enhancements and features that support the daily workflow of MSSPs, helping them to provide better service to their customers.”


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