E variant of Conficker set to become dormant on the 3rd May

News by Dan Raywood

It has been predicted that the E variant of the Conficker worm will killed off on the 3rd May.

It has been predicted that the E variant of the Conficker worm will be killed off on the 3rd May.


Jason Miller, Shavlik's security and data team manager, claimed that Conficker.E has a kill date of 3rd May and will cease to be functional from that date, although it is possible that it could be taken over by another botnet controller.


Miller said: “Conficker.E has a kill date of 3rd May, meaning the virus that is on the system will become dormant when it shuts off its functionality on 3rd May. However, this threat may not be over on 3rd May. It is possible that somebody else could take over the Conficker botnet and continue to spread the virus.


“Although the Conficker.E virus will no longer function after 3rd May, the Conficker.C virus will still remain active on affected systems.”

The E variant of Conficker was detected just before the Easter holiday. Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, claimed that it is now using a previously established P2P network to contact and network with other infected machines.

Shavlik's senior vice president of sales and marketing Chris Schwartzbauer claimed that this could be a situation that will unfold over time, and that there is the possibility of it all being a hoax, where ‘someone could be playing chicken with the industry'.




Schwartzbauer said: “I do feel nothing may happen, but it is looking like on the 3rd May Conficker may well go dormant, and/or change into something else. Something is going to change this time.


“The lesson of Conficker is pretty simple – patch your systems and pay attention to basic configuration settings like passwords. We strongly encourage organisations to be proactive in protecting themselves from Conficker and other malicious viruses by keeping their security up-to-date on an ongoing basis, not just as a reaction to the latest threat to hit the news.”




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