Imperva revamps product offering and introduces integrated risk management platform

News by Dan Raywood

Imperva has launched an integrated risk management platform and has revamped its database gateway offering.

Imperva has launched an integrated risk management platform and has revamped its database gateway offering.


The new capabilities are part of version seven of SecureSphere, and combine risk scoring and visualisation for databases and data. Also introduced into the range is the Discovery and Assessment Server automated solution that identifies sensitive data and vulnerabilities in databases.


The server is able to scan the network for all database servers, identify and classify sensitive data into relevant pre-defined categories, support custom user-defined sensitive data classifications and pinpoint security vulnerabilities on each database.


Imperva is also providing automated risk management capabilities with its Database Activity Monitoring, Database Firewall and Data Security Suite solutions. It has announced it has repackaged its five data security products as the SecureSphere Data Security Suite to align its offerings.


Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva, said: “Imperva's focus from the very first release of SecureSphere has been oriented on protecting sensitive data. With version 7.0 we have added innovations that make it easier than ever to identify and classify sensitive data, discover data that is at risk, find the root cause of vulnerabilities, and protect against them.”


Dean Ocampo, director of product marketing for Imperva, said: “This is a major version for us, and it is an evolution of everything that we have done before. From a packaging programme it is a change, we did a thorough analysis of everything we did and launched the brand based on the results. This is a mix of a natural evolution and a complete repackaging.


“We found specific businesses were buying specific things, and wanted a certain type of protection and had to buy a complete suite. Here we have broken it up so they can pick and choose which applications they need for their business.”


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