Malicious links planted in blogs as spammers use new social networking tactics

News by Dan Raywood

Spammers have moved to use blogs to lure users to clicking on malicious links.

Spammers have moved to use blogs to lure users to clicking on malicious links.


Symantec has reported of the new strategy being used, where spammers will use spam messages to attempt to lure unsuspecting users with an email using a linked phrase, such as ‘click this website to know more' or ‘open this website to check'. A typical message will use terms such as ‘read my blog to learn how I did it' or ‘read about it on my blog'.


Symantec's , said: “It's common for the subject line of these emails, as well as the sender line, to make reference to some blog. These instances can lure users to open the message, and further check the so-called blog by clicking the embedded URL.


“However, the links actually redirect to web pages selling health-related products or money-making schemes. Unless subscribed for blog updates, email users should think twice about opening a message about blogs from an unknown source.”

Symantec urges internet users not to click on any emails with links to blogs, unless they are familiar with the blog or subscribe to its updates.



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