Conficker worm creates no reported instances on 1st April

News by Dan Raywood

There have been no reported incidents as the world braced itself for the Conficker worm to strike.

There have been no reported incidents as the world braced itself for the Conficker worm to strike.


Column inches had been dedicated to claims that the worm would bring the world to a standstill today; however no reported instances have been made yet.


David Harley, director of malware intelligence at ESET, claimed that he was not surprised that nothing had happened but did say that the company labs that were monitoring activity closely, noted that Conficker had changed communication protocols, just as the code said it would.


Harley said: “No doubt in the fullness of time, the botnet will start doing what botnets do: it would be bizarre to put this much effort into a project and then not try to make some profit out of it, and we'll still be watching.


“In the meantime, I suspect, based on past experience, that two things will happen – the very people outside this industry who hyped the issue out of all proportion will now dismiss it as vendor hype, and may even suggest that the whole thing is an urban myth. I do wonder whether by acknowledging and trying to counter the hype, we nevertheless fed it, but the alternative would have been to allow the panic merchants a clear field.


“Also, a few people within this industry, especially those with one of those products that is going to mean the death of anti-virus (again), will claim credit for our dodging some sort of bullet.”


Earlier in the night, Harley claimed he was yet to hear any ‘reports of melted PCs, disappearing internets, or institutions DDoS-ed into insolvency by Conficker' and had received an email from a colleague in Sydney where no problems were reported.


Further, McAfee Avert Labs reported that it had been closely monitoring Conficker-related threats and had not observed any significant activities on the domains that it is polling for thus far. Although it did encourage users to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for further updates.


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