European Commission calls for Europe-wide cooperation on cyber attack prevention

News by Dan Raywood

The European Commission has called for action to make it more prepared for and resistant to cyber attacks.

The European Commission has called for action to make Europe more prepared for and resistant to cyber attacks.


It claimed that at present there is a variety in each member state's approach and capacity, as a low level of preparedness in one country can make others more vulnerable, while a lack of coordination reduces the effectiveness of countermeasures.


The Commission has asked all stakeholders, in particular businesses, public administrations and citizens, to focus on preparedness and prevention, fostering cooperation, exchange of information and transfer of good policy practices between member states via a European forum.


This will involve establishing a European public-private partnership for resilience, which will help businesses to share experience and information with public authorities. It claimed that both public and private actors should work together to ensure that adequate and consistent levels of preventive, detection, emergency and recovery measures are in place in all member states.


It also requested the establishment of a European information sharing and alert system, stronger cooperation between member states via national and multinational contingency plans and regular exercises for large-scale network security incident response and disaster recovery.
International cooperation to drive a Europe-wide debate to set EU priorities for the long term resilience and stability of the internet, with a view to proposing principles and guidelines to be promoted internationally, should also be established.

The Commission invited the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) to support this initiative by fostering a dialogue between all actors and the cooperation necessary at the European level.


ENISA executive director Andrea Pirotti, said: “ENISA is ready to pick up the gavel and support the European Commission in its efforts to address these crucial matters. The agency is willing to do everything within its mandate to support all necessary actions of the EU and its member states to combat these threats and to protect the economy of Europe, which, ultimately may be at stake.


“The Agency anticipates providing a full analysis and response to the European Commission communication by mid April.”


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