Twitter hit by fake accounts that link to malicious sites

News by Dan Raywood

The microblogging and networking site Twitter has been hit by a 'flood' of spam.

The microblogging and networking site Twitter has been hit by a ‘flood' of spam.


F-Secure revealed a fake Twitter account that tricks users into a Google scam by promising a free Range Rover that eventually aims to steal financial and personal information.


Patrik Runald, chief security advisor at F-Secure's Security Labs, claimed that a message is received by Nevada-based Jason (Terri962), which directs users to a page talking about how they can make $5,000 per month, by simply posting a link on Google.


Clicking on any of the links in the ad takes the user (after a redirect via to where it says we can now make $6,500 per month. To become a Google Cash advertiser, you have to submit your credit card details and other personal information.


Another scam identified by F-Secure, involves the account of ‘Kristen Andrews', whose latest tweet reads: “My boyfriend emailed me this site that has a $5,000 slot tournament on April fool's day and it's free to enter”, followed by a URL. The links lead to a page asking you to download the file goldencasino.exe, a Casino game.


Runald said: “Twitter is aware of the problem and deleted ‘follower' Kristen's account within ten minutes but the problem is that new Twitter scams are popping up left, right and centre. Tweeple should check who's following them, and be cautious when clicking on URLs and tinyurls.”


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