Pill-based spam levels fall as McAfee claims that the battle against spam is not being won

News by Dan Raywood

Replica watch-based spam messages have taken over from medicine as the most seen content.

Replica watch-based spam messages have taken over from medicine as the most seen content.


According to McAfee's spam report for March, replica watch spam took over the number one spot for most persistent holiday spam over the St Valentine's Day period, with days counted when replica watch spam was greater than the amount of Delivery Status Notification bounce backs, with a brief peak at more than 20 per cent of global volume.


The report said: “This is a difficult feat to achieve because it requires a spam campaign to be both large and accurate. After all, if a spammer's email list is not accurate, then more bounce backs are likely to be seen in the wild.”


It also claimed that there was a decrease in pill spam, which is usually a staple of any spam diet and something that it expected to be particularly popular at that time of the year.


The report said: “Although we expected to see specific strains of spam pop up often for the Valentine's holiday, we were disappointed. Valentine's Day e-card spam was insignificant compared with what we saw during the Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. Much of the e-card spam we did see still referenced Christmas and when a significant strain of Valentine's greetings finally appeared, February 14 had already passed.”


When it comes to battling spam, the report claimed that the cycle ‘will end only when people stop being creative or stop challenging themselves to think on the next meta-level of pattern recognition. That will occur when spam stops being profitable, which will occur soon after advertising stops working on people. Which, of course, will never happen'.


The report said: “For more than a decade businesses have been able to protect their SMTP servers with heavy security, authentication, and known-senders lists, yet the problem remains that a company needs to communicate with new clients and partners. So a lock-down is not a complete solution.


“Researchers must constantly anticipate the next step in internet evolution to stay one step ahead of malware developers. Reputation-based service is one way in which organisations can keep ahead of the spammers because it does not depend on techniques that spammers use. Each new security tool represents an exponential improvement in our ability to stop spammers and triggers a reaction from them that creates a new balance. Spam will keep us company for a long time to come.”


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