Facebook petitions users over terms as it is hit by a new phishing campaign

News by Dan Raywood

Social networking site Facebook has been hit by a new rogue application.

Social networking site Facebook has been hit by a new rogue application.


A previous attack sent out notifications to Facebook users stating that one of their friends ‘has faced some errors when checking your profile' and prompted them to click a link to ‘View the Errors Message', which attempted to steal login and personal data, as well as direct users to malicious pages.


However Trend Micro has detected another attack, with users receiving updates in their notifications bar that states ‘(Name on my friend's list) has just reported you to Facebook for violating our Terms of Service. - This is your official warning! - [Click here to find out why you were reported!] - Request Facebook look at what has happened and rule immediately'.


Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, claimed that the link in the notification leads to an application named ‘f a c e b o o k - - closing down!!!' which once installed, proceeds to spam all of the users friends with the same message, and doubtlessly harvest personal information along the way.


Ferguson also said that in the short time the account was active; it had enough impact to cause a Facebook group for victims to be set up. He said: “Surely these two events in the space of a single week mean that it is past time that Facebook review its application hosting policy that appears to be letting rogue applications of extremely dubious intent propagate so freely?”


The site owners have also begun to petition its users on the terms and conditions following protests last week over the change in its terms of service. It has published two documents, ‘Facebook Principles' and a ‘Statement of Rights and Responsibilities' with user feedback requested.


Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, said: “We sat down to work on documents that could be the foundation of this and we came to an interesting realisation - that the conventional business practices around a Terms of Use document are just too restrictive to achieve these goals. We decided we needed to do things differently and so we're going to develop new policies that will govern our system from the ground up in an open and transparent way.

“I believe these steps are unprecedented in promoting understanding and enabling participation on the web. I hope you will take a look at these documents, read them carefully, and share your thoughts.”



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