Software blade system from Check Point offers flexibility and simple management

News by Dan Raywood

Check Point has launched a new format for server and security technology.

Check Point has launched a new format for server and security technology.


Named ‘software blades', the architecture allows businesses to select from a library of over 20 software blades to help them choose exact security protections and dynamically tailor security gateways for different environments and sites.


Deployment of the blades allows companies to include anti-virus, firewalls, policy management and virtual private network protection by simply inserting the blade into the gateway.


It will allow businesses to start with a single core, single blade firewall system, and add functionalities as they go along. To meet their performance needs, the system can be upgraded into a two, four or eight core computing system, enabling multi-gigabit performance with the extended functionality.


Gil Shwed, CEO at Check Point, said: “We are proud to introduce a new paradigm in security; one that meets today's complex threat environment with refreshing simplicity.


“We have spent time trying to find out what the customer wants and they do not all want the same thing. Companies have some solutions, they have endpoint security, network security, and some are happy with one or unhappy with another, they simply say that they wish to have some flexibility.


“With software blades, the service is very flexible, really simple to implement and there is no big investment as you can start with the basic set up and grow it. The customer chooses what modules they want, most vendors offer either an a-la carte or combination package that is pre-defined, with this a typical system can have anything from three to six or seven blades and you can extend it in the future.”


The first launch will be the R70, and for this Check Point has introduced an intrusion prevention space software blade that provides complete threat coverage for client, server and OS vulnerabilities, malware/worm infections, and more. It also enables up to 10Gbps total system performance of firewall with integrated IPS on today's existing hardware configurations.


Dr. Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point, said: “R70's intrusion prevention blade allows customers to deploy pre-emptive and accurate protections to security gateways with deep granularity, unparalleled threat control and the highest levels of performance.”


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