Cloud computing security questioned as claims made that IT organisations cannot manage a mobile computing environment

News by Dan Raywood

The security of cloud computing for businesses has been questioned.

The security of cloud computing for businesses has been questioned.


Amrit Williams, chief technology officer at BigFix Technologies, claimed that the move towards cloud computing will ‘strain IT organisations and constrict them back to looking at how to secure mobile computing devices'.


Williams said in a blog: “Cloud computing provides tremendous promise leading IT towards the land of ‘dynamic and agile infrastructure', but along the way they must pass through the dark forest of limited to no visibility and near-zero control.


When we allow services to be delivered by a third party we lose all control over how they secure and maintain the health of their environment and you simply can't enforce what you can't control.”


He also questioned the legitimacy of providers, claiming that the ‘“experts” will tell you otherwise, convince you that their model is 100 per cent secure and that you have nothing to fear, then again those experts don't lose their job if you fail'.


Although Williams conceded that cloud computing is important and that it should be invested in, he encouraged organisations that they should look for non-critical applications and slowly move to understand how and what needs to be done before they get sucked into the cloud.


He also claimed that most IT organisations cannot manage a mobile computing environment, and thatIT must learn to manage a mobile computing environment as simply an extension of their corporate networks or they will face severe problems of availability, support costs, and security incidents in the coming years'.


Williams said: “The reality is that a mobile sales force using mobile devices to access a SaaS CRM application in real-time while on the road or an SE being able to quickly resolve a demo problem through the use of IM is powerful and important to productivity and IT must move from limiting the use of new technologies and instead look to enable and support them.


“Wouldn't a majority of systems management and security problems be solved in this new world if we implemented a virtual desktop “container” on all corporate assets and maintain the health and security of the container - couldn't we just go back to the thin-client model?”




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