LogLogic announces launch of compliance, security event and database security manager application

News by Dan Raywood

LogLogic has announced the release of a new suite of intelligent log-powered applications.

LogLogic has announced the release of a new suite of intelligent log-powered applications.


The company has launched a fully integrated solution for compliance management, security event management and database activity monitoring. It is designed to allow companies to combine the benefits of a central log platform with specialised algorithms, workflow and data visualisation to solve specific security and compliance challenges.


The compliance manager allows for full automation of compliance approval workflows and reviews tracking by helping IT managers to translate compliance-speak into plain language. It also maps compliance reports to specific regulatory control objectives, automates the business process associated with compliance review and provides a dashboard overview with an at-a-glance score of an organisation's compliance posture.


The security event manager, powered by Exaprotect, uncovers and prioritises mission-critical security events and performs complex event correlation, threat detection and security incident management workflow for cutting-edge security intelligence across a department or an entire enterprise.


Finally the database security manager enables IT departments to monitor privileged user activities and protect data stored within database systems. It provides granular policy-based detection, integrated prevention and real-time virtual patch capabilities. Security analysts can independently monitor privileged users and enforce segregation of duties without impacting database performance.


Dominique Levin, executive vice president of marketing and strategy at LogLogic, said: “Built on the foundation of the LogLogic open log management platform, our new business applications unleash the power of logs while working together to deliver better compliance and information protection.


“The database is usually the first stop for company information and it is notoriously difficult to protect. Ninety per cent of companies don't have the right protection for the most important information, yet this is where the most vulnerabilities are.


“The LogLogic compliance manager does managing and bugging in real time. It can serve as a virtual patch, an alternative to patching; it is integrated, unique and can protect in a unique way and put data into context, such as where assessors have come from, where the data went and how it was used.


“A good security program is about being pro-active, but who looks at the logs every day? This allows viewers to do their job easily.”


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