Compliance manager tool allows for effective management of software licenses

News by Dan Raywood

FAST has announced the launch of the FAST Compliance Manager.

FAST has announced the launch of the FAST Compliance Manager.


It is designed to help companies to ascertain their software compliance position to ensure firstly that there is no overspend on software licensing, and secondly, that the risks of licensing shortfalls are mitigated. It will also allow companies to manage existing licenses; and control them more effectively.


IT managers can run a comparison of the software already installed on company computers against the software entitlement, to ensure that out of date licenses are not being used or that money is being unnecessarily spent.


Recent research conducted by IDC indicates that 30 per cent of IT departments do not measure the differences between licence entitlement and deployment. Furthermore, 52 per cent of all companies surveyed have been subject to a software vendor audit in the last 12 months.


Phil Heap, head of consultancy and membership products and services at FAST, said: “According to the 2008 FAST Membership Survey, 20 per cent of our members have been audited in the past 12 months, and this trend is set to rise. It's no good showing what software you have installed, or the product boxes on a shelf, you need to demonstrate evidence of the licences.


“FAST Compliance Manager takes licence management to the next level by allowing companies to distinguish needs across departments and divisions throughout the entire organisation. It allows users to build their own organisation structure and put in all the licensing entitlements, agreements and contracts into the database.”


Managing director Andy Pearce, said: “When it comes to licensing issues, you want to be certain you are not out of license and running up a hefty bill. At the same time, you do not want to be spending money unnecessarily on licenses and software that you do not need.”


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