Valentine's Day spam spotted by analysts

News by Dan Raywood

Spam campaigns that target Saturday's Valentine's Day have been identified by Trend Micro and McAfee.

Spam campaigns that target Saturday's Valentine's Day have been identified by Trend Micro and McAfee.

As couples prepare for Valentine's Day this weekend and make last minute arrangements for presents and restaurants, McAfee Avert Labs has uncovered a rise in the level of Valentine spam attempting to trick internet users by posing as Valentine's games and email greetings. 


It found that a current wave of Valentine's Day spam contains URLs that carry the Waledac Trojan – where the techniques and features are very similar to those of the well-known Nuwar/Storm Trojan.


Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs and product development, said: “As the tradition of Valentine's Day approaches, so does another tradition: Valentine's Day-themed spam that leads to malware. At McAfee Avert Labs we think everyone by now should know not to click on unlikely links to ‘love letters' and similar attractions. But we go on doing so. I guess love really does make us blind.


“Subjects such as ‘Deeply in love with you', ‘I knew I loved you' and ‘I love being in love with you', followed by a short URL in the body are typical of these attempts, which point to sites that offer a little Valentine's malware. By all means send love notes to your honey before and on Valentine's Day, but don't fall for these transparent, annual attempts that lead only to tears.”


Meanwhile Maria Alarcon, anti-spam research engineer at Trend Micro, discovered malicious emails that arrive on users' inboxes as an advertisement for a Valentine's Day sale and display images of the jewellery that are supposedly on sale.


Alarcon said: “Moreover, the email messages are altered so that the address in the From: field contains a Trend Micro-related email address. This kind of technique to evade spam filters has been seen before, which may suggest that this was possibly done by the same spammer.







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