Outsourcing is not cost effective and offers no practical security benefits

News by Dan Raywood

Outsourcing provides no cost benefit and no greater technical advantages.

Outsourcing provides no cost benefit and no greater technical advantages.


Rakash Gupta, chief executive of network and email security vendor PineApp UK, claimed that many companies are choosing to outsource their IT security to managed security providers at an unnecessary ‘great expense', and that companies ‘may simply have greater confidence in their ability'.


Gupta said: “Whatever area of a business you are involved in there will be a legion of specialist services providers vying to tell you how much better, faster and cheaper they can do your job. In some cases they may be absolutely correct; however as far as IT security goes there can be huge benefits to be gained from managing it yourself.


“The main reason that IT security, for instance anti-spam or anti-virus, gets outsourced to managed services providers is that in-house IT teams think that the technology is too complex for them to deal with. On top of this it is a high profile and high risk area, so they may feel that the safest option is to hand it over to someone else.”


He claimed that many managed services providers will be using exactly the same products as a company can access and ‘have no greater technical skills than the in-house team, they simply have more confidence in their abilities'.


He encouraged organisations to take a look at its IT security set-up and assess whether a managed service is really necessary.


Gupta said: “As well as the additional and often significant expense, using an external provider takes the control away from the IT team that really understand the business. One man's spam is another man's sustenance and if IT doesn't have an overall view of what's trying to get in and out of the organisation, who knows what could be missed.”


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