hacking and data breach could lead to enforced regulation to halt rise in phishing

News by Dan Raywood

The hacking and data breach could lead to US style regulation.

The hacking and data breach could lead to US style regulation.


Nick Garlick, managing director of Nebulas Security, claimed that unless organisations tackle the situation surrounding network security, they will face tough external regulation forcing them into straight-jacket systems designed to protect personal data properly. He believed that such regulation, currently being drafted in the US, will have benefits but could mean additional cost and overheads. 


Garlick said: “In this online world, business and government have a duty of care to handle personal information with the greatest security possible. Companies often argue that the right technology doesn't exist, but that's simply not the case.


“The technology is available to stop information theft: what's missing in many businesses is the knowledge and willingness to implement the technology and to enforce security policies alongside it. It doesn't cost the earth, and it will stop these kinds of attack in their tracks. Using such systems, the attack on was easily preventable.”


Meanwhile David Vella, director of product management at GFI Software, believes that customers must be more cautious, especially with their emails, as phishing attempts are likely to soar.


Vella said: “If anything, now is not the time to start ignoring or relaxing online security. Economic downturns and similar sociological situations provide rich pickings for cybercriminals, eager to capitalise on people's vulnerability.


“The fact that so many personal details, ranging from addresses and emails to education and employment history, and are now available is of course disastrous and opens up so many people to fraud.”


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