Outgoing emails cause more problems with Home Office database

News by Dan Raywood

The national email database plans will cause major screening issues for companies.

The national email database plans will cause major screening issues for companies.

David Stanley, managing director, EMEA at Proofpoint, claimed that the national email database plans will not only pose security issues, but also will pose problems for businesses who will need to screen what their outgoing emails are.


Stanley said: “This proposed database represents a major headache for businesses. There is a very serious issue here for those businesses that already suffer a persistent leaking of sensitive information via outbound email. Often it isn't done maliciously but employees are prone through a lack of education to sending attachments and information via email that shouldn't leave the business via an unencrypted, insecure channel.”


Proofpoint claimed that companies may trust the recipient to delete the email, but as the information will reside on a government database for up to 12 months, companies could be in trouble with strict compliance laws if they are effectively putting that information into third party hands.


Stanley said: “The worst-case scenario is we've seen enough examples of government data loss in recent months to fear that database could be compromised.

“More than ever businesses need to screen what is leaving their network over email and ensure sensitive information isn't being leaked. Of course they should already be doing so but this database is a further compelling reason to crack on and do so.”


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