Facebook to remove notifications for applications from today, with new tools added

News by Dan Raywood

Facebook is to remove application notifications on actions and changes.

Facebook is to remove application notifications on actions and changes.

On the Facebook developers page, it said that in place of notifications, application developers should notify users of actions they should take with counters and tell them using short messages with news in the dashboards, or ask for permission to send users emails.

Kelly Winters, a product marketer on the Facebook developer network team, said that more than one million developers have created more than 500,000 applications on the social networking site, and as part of its efforts to improve the quality of communications with users, it was launching features such as the applications and games dashboards, the ability to request user email addresses and an ‘add bookmark' button.

However beginning today at 10am pacific time (6pm GMT), Facebook will no longer deliver application notifications and will discontinue support for the notifications.send feature.

The All Facebook blog reported that in addition to killing off notifications, Facebook is moving application requests to the inbox. While the impact of these changes is unknown, many application developers have been increasing the emphasis on bookmarking applications over the past few months prior to the new homepage being rolled out.

Often blamed for spreading malicious applications and links, notifications have been moved around the home page in the various layout revamps.

Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, reported this morning that Facebook rogue applications are now using comments to spread malware since notifications were removed.

He said: "Just like with anti-virus vendors are keeping up to date with threats, social networking needs to do the same with its application content. I do not know if this is only third party applications or network wide, but it needs to do something."

At the time of writing it was not clear if notifications would be removed for the alert of users commenting on status or photos.


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