Desktop, portable device and mobile phone protected browsing and data encryption solutions introduced by Network Intercept

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Protected browsing for desktop, portable devices and mobile phones has been launched by Network Intercept.

Protected browsing for desktop, portable devices and mobile phones has been launched by Network Intercept.

The Secure-Me solution offers a secure browser that will enable organisations to give its end-users an additional level of internet security and protection against identity theft. According to the company, by delivering the secure browsing solution as part of their web-based services, businesses can assure their clients of a safe, secure and faster internet experience.

Christopher Ciabarra, president and founder of Network Intercept, explained that Secure-Me is offered in three forms – desktop, portable and for mobile phones, and the secure browser encrypts all internet traffic leaving from, or coming to the user's machine. The desktop version is a software download, the portable accessed by a key and the mobile version as an application.

Ciabarra said: “With the portable version there is no fingerprint left on the computer and it is not traceable, you can also delete the browser data from the key. If you want you can delete the browser data from the key every time and reset it every time.”

Jennifer Borun, chief marketing officer at Network Intercept, said that most secure platforms stop at the desktop when checking for malware but not while using the web.

“All files coming to and from the desktop are scanned for malware and all websites are scanned for scripts and keystroke interference. It does not try to detect and delete, it will confuse and obscure,” said Borun.

Borun further explained that this will prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, while a keystroke interceptor will display what is being broadcasted out – in this case encrypted data.

Speaking on the mobile phone option, Ciabarra said: “We decided to cover as many platforms as possible so there is flexibility, but most companies try to standardise on a single phone setting but not everyone has the same phone.

“We are waiting for Apple store approval for the iPhone application. It is Safari-based but it is its own browser. We don't want to change the way the user works, we wrap security around it, we don't want to build browser but we worked with Apple to develop the technology. The app is also available as an API so it can be embedded.”

A management console is also available for employee monitoring that can be focussed on a single person or across a whole enterprise.


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