New version of Access Assurance Suite introduced by Courion to include data and activity monitoring

News by Dan Raywood

Courion has announced the launch of the latest version of its identity and access management solution.

Courion has announced the launch of the latest version of its identity and access management solution.

The Access Assurance Suite 8.0 now combines comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) with sensitive data management, user activity monitoring, automated remediation and advanced analytics to help enterprises manage access risk in their organisations.

It also introduces the sensitive data manager and user activity manager to deliver vendor-agnostic integration with leading DLP and SIEM technologies and other user activity data sources. This enables organisations to map user access information against sensitive data requirements and user activity, providing a more holistic view of user behaviour.

Courion UK country manager Stuart Hodkinson claimed that the sensitive data manager provides context of who and where the users are, and if there are data leaks, while the user activity manager will prevent events such as the T-Mobile incident, where customer details were downloaded to a third party.

He said: “There is data loss all over the globe and data is haemorrhaging across organisations and we know where the risks are, and we have been aware of the reaction in terms of controls. Data loss prevention (DLP) is driven by leaks, and we have been out selling the product to classify data and with DLP you program in what a credit card number looks like.

“Those alerts are based on data definition, and we need to lock down the high risk price of data – but who has access to that? It needs to be applied to create a rule.

“There is new functionality built in, and these are almost new factors that are part of the product and can be deployed as a standalone, and will be issued on activity monitoring.”

According to Courion, other new features include automated remediation that addresses access policy violations during the access certification process; advanced compliance worksheets to give business managers greater control for the creation, modification and publication of compliance worksheets; and advanced analytics framework to enhance the user experience through new analytic charting and trending capabilities.

Kurt Johnson, vice president of corporate development at Courion, said: “This delivers enormous benefits across the broadest scope of today's enterprise security and compliance challenges – reducing costs, improving data and system security in accordance with policy, and getting more return on investment on existing infrastructure.”


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