Rumours persist online about owners of 'jailbroken' Apple iPhones being locked out of iTunes

News by Dan Raywood

Rumours are circulating about Apple blocking users who have 'jailbroken' iPhones.

Rumours are circulating about Apple blocking users who have 'jailbroken' iPhones.

The Redmond Pie blog claimed on Monday that ‘Apple has started banning iPhone hackers from the iTunes app store', after iPhone developer and hacker Sherif Hashim was banned by Apple for ‘security reasons'. He wrote on his Twitter page that he received the message ‘Your Apple ID was banned for security reasons' when he tried to go to the app store, saying: “They must be really angry.

“Guess what my Apple ID was, ‘', what a fool was me not to notice, can't help laughing, they are babies.”

Another hacker named iH8sn0w also confirmed this action in a response to Hashim, saying that his Apple ID was banned following the release of XEMN.

An update on the blog page of Mac security firm Intego said that according to screenshots, the Apple ID itself is banned, which means that those users are most likely banned from accessing the app store using iTunes as well.

A blogger on the site named Peter, said: “Since these reports are merely anecdotal for now, we will have to wait and see if more users of 'jailbroken' iPhones are blocked from the app store before being able to confirm this.

“It is possible that these ‘security reasons' are related to other issues, such as a credit card fraud probe of the iTunes store, or a similar issue regarding fraudulent gift cards, which has been circulating for some time.

“We have discussed the risks of 'jailbreaking' an iPhone many times, notably in our Year in Mac Security 2009 report. It seems that Apple, unable to prevent 'jailbreaking' as such, is shutting a different door, which may make people think twice before 'jailbreaking' their phones.”

The first reports of the impact of 'jailbroken' Apple iPhones came last November with the first worm which related to 1980's pop star Rick Astley. Then users of phones, which were 'jailbroken' to allow them to install third-party applications, fell to the infection.


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