F5 Networks has further developed its portfolio with the BIG-IP edge gateway solution to incorporate load balancing and WAN optimisation

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F5 Networks has announced the launch of its BIG-IP edge gateway solution and advanced application delivery services.

F5 Networks has announced the launch of its BIG-IP edge gateway solution and advanced application delivery services.

The BIG-IP edge gateway provides enterprise organisations with a next-generation remote access solution that delivers LAN-speed application performance for remote and mobile workers.

F5 said that it effectively solves the challenges that enterprise IT personnel face due to the massive growth of mobile and remote users. The launch sees the first application delivery controller (ADC) on the market that unifies secure SSL VPN access, dynamic access and optimisation control, and application acceleration for remote users - regardless of the device or access network - on a single, scalable platform.

The BIG-IP edge gateway will enable customers to simplify device management by ensuring access across heterogeneous applications services, access networks and data resources. It will also provide secure, accelerated remote access that scales to support user demand and prioritise applications for optimal performance and user productivity.

Jonathan George, product marketing manager at F5 Networks, said: “This is a new module and a new service for those who would like to control wireless access. We see across management suites and see offerings and see activation, but usually web proxies are quite expensive.

“We are correlating the web tier, providing availability to scale dramatically and provide a network of complexity. It has anti-virus channels and supports a virtual environment on top of a load traffic management. You can layer all of these together.”

Ken Salchow, manager of technical marketing at F5, said: “You cannot load a model to solve all of the problems, but you can give them tools to make custom solutions for them. Customers appreciate it when we say every business is unique, and we need solutions that are unique for the business challenge.”

The new BIG-IP release offers web access management, TMOS integrated geolocation data and accelerated data transfers over the wide area network.

Salchow said: “We want something that we can build services on, that we want to be extendable. This now has three new services – IP geolocation, access control and wide area network optimisation.

“With the best load balancer, we need to get better granular controls over traffic. We have a partnership with Quova and we have a capability of knowing where an IP address comes from. With the load traffic manager, it is not just where users are coming from, but their ISP, how accurate the estimation is to be and make intelligent decisions on blocking.”


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