New application acceleration and WAN optimisation solution introduced by Riverbed

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Riverbed has announced the launch of the latest version of its Cascade solution to integrate technology following the Mazu acquisition.

Riverbed has announced the launch of the latest version of its Cascade solution to integrate technology following the Mazu acquisition.

Cascade is an advanced network and application performance analysis and visibility solution. Version 8.4 provides enhanced reporting and integration with Riverbed wide area network (WAN) optimisation that enables organisations to assess, adapt and accelerate network performance.

Riverbed claimed that with Cascade 8.4, enterprises can proactively monitor the end-user application experience in real-time and as it integrates with Riverbed Steelhead appliances, it can measure performance within optimised environments.

Mark Lewis, EMEA marketing vice president at Riverbed, said that it had two benefits – more reporting and identifying of problems, and a sensor for the console that can run in the Riverbed Steelhead application.

Lewis said: “This is the first managed environment since acquiring the company. The technology has been integrated into the Steelhead application and also when optimising the WAN you are reading the traffic and accelerating the applications.

“By doing that it is hard to read and measure what is going on across the networks, and it is harder to read performance on optimised traffic. With this you can now read and assess optimised traffic.”

The new features in Cascade 8.4 allow organisations to measure beyond network performance and availability and determine the business impact any drops in performance have on end-users.

In addition, this release introduces Cascade Sensor-VE, a virtual remote sensor, for the virtualised Riverbed Services Platform (RSP), enabling performance measurement in both optimised and non-optimised environments - without requiring expensive physical probes in every branch office.

According to the company, deployment with the RSP means that Sensor-VE is optimally located for measuring the end-user experience, providing an easy-to-manage solution that eliminates the need for additional hardware at the branch.

Unlike reactive alternatives, Cascade continuously tracks end-user performance metrics, learning the normal network and application behaviour, and alerting the network and application teams whenever end-users are experiencing slow performance. Cascade 8.4's behavioural analytics enable the network team to solve problems even before end-users are impacted, and provide a true measurement of the efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

Also with the growing number of centralised, consolidated private cloud environments, enterprises are having an increasingly difficult time obtaining clear visibility into application performance at the branch office.

Apurva Davé, vice president of product marketing at Riverbed, said: “We are focused on providing our customers with a complete WAN optimisation solution that allows them to optimise, monitor and adapt their network infrastructure to best meet the needs of their end-users.

“With the enhancements we're providing in Cascade 8.4, organisations can continuously assess their network with a proactive approach to resolving application issues. We've added more insight, control and power to enhance the applications that enterprises already have, allowing them to make the most of their IT infrastructure investments.”


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