Microsoft looks forward to Black Hat conference, as it explains its reasons for sleeping with the enemy

Opinion by Dan Raywood

Today marks the start of the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today marks the start of the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the time of writing there is no real revelation of what vulnerabilities will be disclosed, although there are rumours of a widespread phone hacking that will take place at the Def Con conference, also being held in Las Vegas.

Last year saw vulnerabilities revealed on platforms including the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft, often one of the most attacked and vulnerable IT platforms, has said that it will be at Black Hat, with its security response centre (MSRC) among the sponsors of the show.

MSRC director Mike Reavey claimed that Microsoft attends the show because ‘Black Hat has always been a reflection of, and driven by, the community-likeminded people from all walks of life and professions with a shared interest in advancing the state of security'.

Microsoft recently revamped its disclosure rulings and with a major flaw in Windows remaining unpatched, Reavey explained that today's threat landscape is one that is shifting constantly.

He said: “The realities of today's threat landscape point to a world that has shifted from a variety of participants with various motives to one of two sides - those who intend to harm or commit crime and those who intend to prevent harm and fight crime.

“As an industry and community, philosophical differences or competition aside, we should be in this together. Our own welfare as individuals and a collective community is at stake with unseen criminals who show no indication of backing down. It's our hope that this effort to shift to a shared responsibility of coordination and collaboration is something that is carried beyond Black Hat as we progress and evolve as a global community of defenders.”


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