What impact could the 'BP' Twitter feed have upon global PR?

Opinion by Dan Raywood

Twitter is back in the news today while everyone talks about Facebook

Twitter is back in the news today while everyone talks about Facebook.

However far from experiencing a privacy nightmare like the aforementioned social network, the problem with Twitter has been regarding its users. Firstly England footballers have reportedly been blocked from using Twitter during the upcoming World Cup, with the FA stating that the squad will only offer their mid-tournament thoughts via the governing body's official website.

While there is the thought that this will prevent a Ryan Babel or Darren Bent outburst of anger over a lack of selection, the unavailability of ‘WAGs' or a lack of choice at the buffet bar, is more likely a measure to ensure that nothing is accidentally leaked either before, or even during a game.

The sight of players tweeting from the bench may be a novelty, but considering that this could be the first ‘Web 2.0 World Cup', and with sporting stars so high profile globally, it is unsurprising that England, and now Spain, have taken such action.

However another problem lies on the Twitter feed for @BPGlobalPR, which has possibly been hacked with messages being posted regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The reason I say possibly is that it was only established last week and has been sending messages making jokes about the oil spill ever since.

It is unlikely that an official page should remain under ransom for so long, but what is surprising is that jokes have been made since the 19th May and while now being circulated around the internet with more than 37,000 people following it, BP has not asked Twitter to action against it.

Update: It is now clear that the @BPGlobalPR account is a spoof, and a BP spokesman has told The Wall Street Journal that the company was aware of the account, saying: "It's a shame, but obviously people are entitled to their views."


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