All praise for YouTube as the video-sharing site hits five years

Opinion by Dan Raywood

This week marks the fifth birthday of video-sharing YouTube.

This week marks the fifth birthday of video-sharing YouTube.

YouTube remains one of my favourite sites, partly for the hosting of classic music videos and TV shows, partly for the video response bloggers and also for its ease of use and depth of content.

Perhaps mainly though, it is for its security capability. I fear I may be tempting fate with this statement, but I really cannot recall a security hack or incident that involved a flaw on the website, and while its comments often feature malicious links on more popular videos – something which many social networks have to tackle with on an even greater scale, and its communication may be a little self-promoting, I generally feel that there is little it is doing wrong.

Now five years in, it is counting two billion views per day. It claimed that this is nearly double the prime-time audience of all three major US television networks combined.

Research from Websense last year claimed that efforts to self-police Web 2.0 properties have been largely ineffective, with community-driven security tools used on sites such as YouTube and BlogSpot are 65 to 75 per cent ineffective in protecting web users from objectionable content and security risks.

While there may be the faults caused at work when it comes to productivity and bandwidth issues, technologies such as those introduced by Bloxx allow educational use of the site with filtered results, while a personal update by the site stated that it maintains ‘community guidelines' and removes videos that are flagged by users as violating them.

With regards to the future, the YouTube team, said: “Since we never could have predicted all that happened in YouTube's first five years, we certainly can't imagine what the future will look like. But we do know there's a lot more to be done. For instance, we want to make it even easier for you to sort through and find the videos that matter to you.

“Although the average user spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube, that's tiny compared to the five hours a day people spend watching TV. Clearly, we need to give you more reason to watch more videos! And we want to give you all the tools and support to make YouTube both your career and your community. After all, this is only the beginning of the video revolution. We're just getting started.”

When considering YouTube, I wonder where we would be with the battle at Kruger andCharlie bit me', personally I prefer old metal videos - check out the full length video for Metallica's ‘One'.

While you are on YouTube, why not check out SC's recent starring role -


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