Retail version of monitoring software introduced by Overtis

News by Dan Raywood

Overtis has announced the launch of a retail version of its VigilancePro user activity management software.

Overtis has announced the launch of a retail version of its VigilancePro user activity management software.

Following a customer request at this year's Infosecurity Europe exhibition in London, Overtis CEO Ed Macnair said that the VigilancePro Retail software was developed. It monitors every key press on EPOS devices and is linked with CCTV. He said that this enables retailers to combat losses by flagging up suspicious activity and linking this with CCTV images and screenshots from the till.

Its centralised management allows reports to be automatically run and sent to the appropriate people, while irregular EPOS activity is immediately flagged to management, with real-time links to EPOS screenshots and CCTV images, allowing security personnel to respond to incidents as they are occurring.

The technology is based on its VigilancePro 5.0 integrated security software, which was launched at the start of the year. Macnair told SC Magazine that it was designed for all environments including offices, as it can see everything that the uses sees and everything a user does and captures every action they make on every application.

He said: “A large EPOS vendor asked could we do it [linking user activity on endpoints to CCTV] for EPOS, so we looked at it and as most retail systems run on Windows XP they meet the requirements for integrating with CCTV. This software can also be used as a training tool, as retailers can add a pop up a screen and suggest upsale activity or ask ‘are you sure you want to do that'?”

“Currently we are working with eight or nine police forces and there are two drivers there: one for IT security to restrict what you can and cannot do; and the other is for anti-corruption, as police officers have access to sensitive data and the police force wants to see everything that they do and store this data for a certain period of time so it can be reviewed if necessary.”


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