Sourcefire announces plans to offer a next-generation firewall

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Sourcefire has announced its intentions to enter the firewall market with a next-eneration offering.

Sourcefire has announced its intentions to enter the firewall market with a next-generation offering.

Following the likes of Palo Alto Networks and Barracuda Networks into the next-generation firewall space, Martin Roesch, founder and CTO of Sourcefire, told SC Magazine that this move was ‘a very natural step' for the company following its expansion in the intrusion prevention system (IPS) market.

He said: “We are seeing firewall vendors responding to the challenge of IPS and application control under one umbrella, as we have application access technologies and the best IPS on the market, we put two and two together and we have the complete next-generation firewall offering with the most integrated security offering. It is a very credible offering.”

Sourcefire said that its planned next-generation firewall expansion will focus on enhancing application identification and control, to provide customers with more protection through application policy management.

According to the company, it will combine insight into networks, applications, behaviours and identities for maximum security and reduced total cost of ownership in managing evolving threats. It will also include an open architecture to enable users to create custom rules for their unique environment, mirroring its open source beliefs.

Roesch said: “Our customers need to be flexible and geographically unpredictable to get best performance so that attackers do not know their practises, so an open architecture can give a user access to the system to set up and be flexible to their needs.”

At the time of writing there is no date set for the release of the technology, although a release is anticipated for next year. Sourcefire has introduced three new Defense Center Awareness Bundles for its next-generation IPS. It said that the combined solutions provide organisations comprehensive threat protection to secure the perimeter, data centre and cloud.

The bundles provide contextual awareness to identify real threats, an open architecture to enable customisation for a customer's unique environment and intelligent automation for impact assessment and IPS tuning. 


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