Tripwire announces new technology to protect, detect and correct network holes

News by Dan Raywood

Tripwire has announced the launch of the next version of its Enterprise solution to not only spot network gaps, but repair them.

Tripwire has announced the launch of the next version of its Enterprise solution to not only spot network gaps, but also repair them.

It said that Tripwire Enterprise 8.0 is a major new capability that automatically repairs configuration errors reported by the compliance policy manager. Speaking to SC Magazine, Michael Thelander, product marketing manager at Tripwire, said that it can repair up to 98 per cent of failed configuration tests and allow users to correct any deviations against dozens of policies, including PCI DSS, SOX, NERC and FISMA.

He said: “The new capability is the Remediation Manager that allows a company to govern policy and detect the state of them. It will analyse the gap, see what it is and fix it, and you can see the change from non-compliant to compliant.

“It does a test on the security policy, takes a look to see if it falls into the parameters and see how far it needs to go to get compliant. It is now making changes too, it is all automated so it knows that the next step is to fix a problem.”

Rob Warmack, senior director of international marketing for Tripwire, noted that this is a new move for the company into remediation, compliance and security automation.

He said: “With Remediation Manager, we are now offering an automated way to centrally remediate configuration problems and mitigate security risks before customers can be exploited or fail an audit – without requiring the cost and time of manual IT administration.

“You can see something out of the policy, you now get the capability to see a change and how you are failing a policy test. You keep track of attacks, can detect a breach and close it in a matter of minutes. That is where our technology is going.”

According to the company, Tripwire Enterprise 8.0 also expands the capabilities of the Tripwire VIA solution, the comprehensive suite of file integrity, policy compliance and log and event management solutions designed to help organisations proactively achieve continuous compliance, mitigate risk and ensure operational control through visibility, intelligence and automation.

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